Foreigner as a perpetrator of crime in the Polish criminal process (rights and obligations)

Czasopismo Prawa Karnego i Nauk Penalnych Rok XXVI: 2022, numer 1-2
Journal of Criminal Law and Penal Studies Volume XXVI: 2022, No. 1-2

Patrycja Dyluś-Borcz, Natalia Klima-Piotrowska, Bartłomiej Piotrowski

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refugees, crisis, perpetrator, criminal procedure, Polish-Belarusian border


The refugee crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border related to the appearance on the bor-
der of a significant number of people who were brought to the territory of Belarus and
then directed to the territory of Poland in an organized manner by Belarusian services
led to a number of actions by, among others, Polish authorities, the legal aspects of which
required urgent elaboration. This article addresses the issue of a foreigner as a perpetrator
of crime in the Polish criminal process. As a rule, foreigners who have committed a crime
or a misdemeanor on the territory of Poland bear the same responsibility as Polish cit-
izens. In the proceedings pending against them, they are subjects of certain rights and
obligations on the same terms as Poles. In the context of the events that have been taking
place over the past few months against foreigners with the involvement of state services
and authorities, it is worth noting the basic rights and obligations of foreigners from
the moment they are detained in connection with their alleged commission of a crime
to which the Polish Criminal Law will apply.


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